Bespoke Cloud Solutions

Your business is unique, your software should be too.

A Bespoke Solution will enable you to highlight your unique strengths and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

The Cloud Advantage

Cloud Computing, the latest innovation in software provision via the Internet.

Discover new opportunities offered by new internet enabled suppliers and customers.

Scale up your business by distributing your operations nationally or globally.

Enterprise Grade Software

Our Solutions manage the operations of multi million pound turnover Enterprises in various sectors such as retail, distribution, manufacturing and insurance.

Pay As You Use

Experience a Software Solution delivered as a Service, where charges are based on usage and customer satisfaction

No more up front payments for potentially unsuitable software.

What Makes Us Different

Bespoke Specialist

No two businesses are alike, hence your software should be unique to you.

Through Bespoke Software, we will work with you to highlight and enhance your businesses' unique strengths to give you a competitive edge in the market place.

Cloud Advantage

All our Solutions are Cloud based. 

Using Cloud Solutions, we have helped our clients restructure their operations, enabling them to outsource whole divisions, as well as distribute and manage their operations across the world.

Enterprise Grade

Our Solutions manage the operations of multi million pound turnover enterprises across different industrial sectors such as insurance, retail, distribution, manufacturing and franchising.

We specialise in Microsoft's .Net Technology platform and utilise Microsoft's commercial grade Windows Servers and Database Infrastructure.

Our Team

We have all worked in operational roles within our clients' area of business and understand your real world requirements because we have been on the front line ourselves. 

We have extensive experience in Cloud Computing having delivered our first solution 10 years ago.

Our Solutions

Configurable Frameworks

gears Our In house Frameworks provide us with the foundation to quickly build our customers bespoke applications within a short space of time. The configuration and adaptability of our Frameworks also allow us to adopt a “Development by Prototyping” approach, where customers are directly involved in the design and testing of each feature of the software as it is being built. 

We have 2 specific versions of our Framework; the first caters for Service & Customer Management Industries and the second specifically targets logistics, manufacturing and retail Industries.

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Ready Made Applications


Our solution portfolio also offers ready-made software which are currently used by our clients. These solutions are available for immediate use over the internet and can be rapidly adapted to suit your particular needs.

Our portfolio of ready-made applications covers the following industries : - Retail, Insurance Sales & Claim Management, Property Repair Networks, Franchise Management, Manufacturing and Distribution.

Business Intelligence


We work with clients to interpret the vast amount of data collected by their IT system to produce a set of indicators and measures.  These results can then be converted into actions to improve their operations and identify weaknesses or trends.

In some cases, we have developed secondary systems which sit alongside the client’s main system to analyse the data, collect more information and provide new features absent in their current systems.

Examples of systems we have developed include sales analysis, supply chain monitoring, production and distribution planning.

    Web Sites / Content System


    By utilising a range of different Content Management Systems (CMS) and off the shelf design templates, we can offer our clients the opportunity to create distinct and attractive websites which clients can maintain by themselves.

    These systems can be also used to create more complex web sites.  We have built several sites which act as both a web site and a member’s only portal for exchanging information and discussions. Using this methodology, we have also developed a site which is used as an academic journal publishing medium for a UK University.